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Your-Cosmetics.com Privacy Statement and Notice

Your privacy and rights to privacy are recognized and honored by Your-Cosmetics.com.

Upon placing an order, Your-Cosmetics.com will ask our shoppers to establish an account using a login name and password.  To set up this account, we will require information that includes your email address, your mailing and/or billing address, phone number(s), shipping address, credit card number, card security code, and credit card expiration. This information is collected to allow Your-Cosmetics.com to complete your order efficiently and to maintain data on the status of your order.

In addition, we ask for your gender which helps Your-Cosmetics.com better determine which products are purchased within various demographics and will allow us to make better decisions regarding which products to add to the Your-Cosmetics.com website.

Your account information will also enable Your-Cosmetics.com to send you electronic communications regarding changes, interruptions in and/or the status of your order; in addition, we may send out sale updates, specials, newsletters, and new product introductions. You can disable these communications by clicking on a button in your account settings.

Your account may be accessed via your login and password to edit, update or review your account information.

When placing an order, you will also be offered a "comments" option.  This area is used by Your-Cosmetics.com to better improve our service, selection and your shopping experience.

Your-Cosmetics.com Security Initiative:

Upon choosing to place an order with Your-Cosmetics.com, your browser will be directed to our secure servers.  Your order, personal information and credit card information are encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology.  This technology offers the best protection for your data from being stolen or intercepted while being sent through our servers.  To better ensure your credit card protection, Your-Cosmetics.com does not store your credit card information in an online database.

Your-Cosmetics.com recommends that you check your browser’s security status before transmitting any information via our servers.  You can check your security status two ways:   (1) Check the URL (web address) shown in your web browser:  when you see a web address that begins with "https:" (rather than the standard "http:"), you are connected via secure server or (2) when using Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will see a small icon in the lower corner that looks like a "padlock".  When the padlock is closed (or locked), your connection has been secured.

Your-Cosmetics.com Commitment to Safe Surfing

Because this Site and Your-Cosmetics.com are committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy and safety of children online, and in accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Act of 1998, we ask that if you are a child under the age of 13, you must get a parent's or guardian's consent before submitting any data to Your-Cosmetics.com.   The staff at Your-Cosmetics.com strongly encourages the parental monitoring of the surfing habits of individuals under the age of 13.

Your-Cosmetics.com Use of Cookies

Your-Cosmetics.com implements the use of "cookies" which are a function of your web browser that transfers information to your computer's hard drive for item selection/tracking purposes. These cookies are alpha-numeric identifying codes that are placed on your computer's hard drive in specific files and/or in your browser cache. Your-Cosmetics.com uses these cookie files to track your shopping session as you shop the Site. To place an order from Your-Cosmetics.com, you must have the cookies feature of your web browser enabled.

Disclosure of Your Information:

The account information you submit to Your-Cosmetics.com may be provided to "third parties" as is required to process your order, protect and reduce credit fraud, comply with US and Idaho state laws and/or enforce our Terms of Use agreement and this Privacy Policy.

When you place an order through Your-Cosmetics.com, you are granting the Site permission to transmit the required information to necessary third parties for the completion of your order.  However, Your-Cosmetics.com does not share, sell, or rent any identifying information to any third party for use other than to process your order.   This commitment to your privacy also includes our email address databases: at no time will Your-Cosmetics.com share, sell or rent our email database to any third party.

Your-Cosmetics.com Privacy Policy Amendments:

Your-Cosmetics.com reserves the right to make changes to our Privacy Policy and Notice at any time without notifying users of the changes in an effort to conform to privacy laws or policy revisions.  All users are responsible for reviewing this Privacy Policy and Notice each time they access this Site and accept the policy without reservation.  

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